A corrupt magistrate and his cronies try to tear down a temple and build a whorehouse, but about ONE HUNDRED MONSTERS show up.

hey cool
Holy shit a hundred fucked up monsters
but YUCK
They arrive rather late in the picture

Okay maybe there's not a whole hundred monsters but there are quite a few. Couple dozen and least and they look weird and include two of Asia's most iconic monstrosities, a huge disembodied head and a head with a super long neck. Also a WTF bizarre smiling umbrella thing that likes to lick a retarded man. It's a movie from Japan.

The monsters themselves aren't the problem. The problem is they wait until the movie's almost over before they show up in any number close to 100, and until then it's mostly dull business about greedy local officials browbeating the townsfolk. The monsters don't actually do anything either besides menacing and capering about, which scares the bad guys into falling on their own swords or having heart attacks.

The part where that happens is weird and surreal and Japanese enough to be worth the ride though. You want to see that umbrella thing, although "get a load of" is probably a better description of the experience.