People try to have sex on Christmas but someone in a Santa suit keeps cutting
the guys' dicks off wtf.

hey cool
Nice boyfriend guy killed
but YUCK
Not very Christmasy really, and the dicks

You could certainly do worse than 90 minutes of average kills and strained acting in your holiday horror marathon, but shouldn't there at least be some contrived reason why it's happening at Christmas? If you're going to be a Santa suit killer I'd expect you to have endured some sort of Santa related childhood trauma, like Santa murdered your family or you saw your mom giving Santa a bj, or at least maybe you have a mortal hatred of Christmas and want to ruin it for everyone, but the Christmas theme seems completely tacked on here. I feel like a good holiday horror movie should really hit me over the head with how sad and broken Christmas is to us non-delusional grownups. This is basically just an average slasher movie with a lot of Christmas decorations in the background.

There's definitely childhood trauma though, yeah about dicks. I have to admit even as a hardened afficionado of the macabre I don't care to see a bag of dicks. SPOILER His mom does though, so what it lacks in holiday cheer it partially makes up for in fucked uppedness and a fairly dark ending. Aside from happening in houses I don't really get the title but I guess there aren't any Christmas songs about dicks since they're literally the most naughty things imaginable.

I guess we could talk about killer Santa masks for a minute. This guy has a scowling black one. It's cool but I like the one from Silent Night better. Happy holidays everyone and stop having dicks.