You cranks who don't believe in the Moon landings listen up; the real coverup is that they went up there even more times than they said and it's full of Moon monsters. Here's the totally real handheld footage to prove it.

hey cool
I like NASA
but YUCK
Slow like zero gravity

Ever watch the NASA channel? They'll show an interview with a Japanese astronaut, in Japanese, with no subtitles, and they'll run it in a loop for hours. I've been known to watch that shit. Movie's kind of like that - watch astronauts as they press buttons, eat, float about, talk about home, radio Houston...wait did that rock just move?... more astronaut sleeping, setting up instruments, putting on space suits, driving the Moon buggy... Goes on like that for a while. I dig boring sciency space stuff so I don't mind, but you might.

I've heard critics complain that the monsters aren't scary enough. Hope that isn't a spoiler but it's not like a horror movie is going all the way to the Moon to not find space spiders. I didn't hate 'em, and the scene where one got in the guy's space helmet was pretty neat. What do you want, the wolfman up there?

I could complain about low body count, but on the other hand there are basically only three guys in the whole movie so on percentage it has a ridiculously high casualty ratio. And they're buzzcut astronaut guys instead of the usual punkasses. It's not a great movie but it's on the Moon and doesn't piss me off. That's really all I ask for.