That really pushy obsessed chick who's always getting her reluctant friends into dangerous handheld camera adventures is back, this time hounding people to go with her into the Paris catacombs looking for the fabled philosopher's stone. They find what they always find.

hey cool
Paris catacombs are neat
but YUCK
Shakycam by the numbers

Not a lot I can tell you here that you don't already know if you've ever seen a found footage movie. One difference here is that since they're trapped in the catacombs they don't as much run around yelling as stand still yelling in confined spaces while solving adventure game puzzles and enduring spookhouse scares that appear briefly on camera. I'd even go so far as to say the movie is claustrophobic.

'Cause yes catacombs. I wouldn't personally want to live in Paris but I don't know what city has anything cooler than a massive tunnel network made out of six million human skulls. I guess the graveyards above ground were overflowing so instead of just taking dead people a mile out of town someone said "let's arrange them artfully in a giant insane underground bone dungeon". Vive la France!

Fantastic as they are, setting your whole movie in the catacombs means every shot will look almost identical. I'm not complaining, just saying I hope you like limestone by torchlight.

Ghost monsters jumping out in spooky catacombs is enough to keep me semi - entertained for an hour and a half, but it's not a good movie. Really hammers you with the forced character developement. Like one guy's brother drowned as a kid while they were swimming so now he must confront his guilt and fear of water and all that sort of hackney as the plot tries to wedge an awkward morality play into its...what's the word for this subgenre? Euro Judeo-christian medieval Davinci Code-esque? Where we might expect mention of Nostradamus and the Knights Templar? Anyway I guess all the characters have done something they're ashamed of and the catacombs want to rub it in, sometimes to death. I still don't understand what that has to do with the philosopher's stone but maybe the adventure will help you get over (or punish you for) that thing
you did.

Funny how this time the movie actually bothers to stop and expain to us how a girl who looks about 26 already has multiple PHDs. "Her father insisted".