Survivors of a torpedoed ship during the second world war are picked up by a submarine, and there might be a ghooost or something on board.

hey cool
War, briny deep vibe
but YUCK
Only subtly a horror movie

I'll watch anything even remotely a weird war tale so I can't afford to be picky. There really probably almost certainly might be a ghost. A couple guys even kinda see it.
It's a haunted voyage I tell you.

I don't care, it's a decent submarine movie with weird stuff going on and slightly more interesting than usual characters. That guy with the yo-yo especially did a great job as a casually cool tough officer with just a hint of evil Captain Kirk. As with most newer war movies though I can't say I quite buy that any of these people are from the 1940s.

Aside from a few video gamey looking depth charge explosions it's a good looking movie with well done CG and miniature shots. And as a connoisseur of cinematic gunshot violence I was damn impressed when one incredibly suicidal gentleman managed to fire not one but two rounds into his offending nerve centre. I wonder if that's really possible...

But yeah it's mostly submarine stuff, like those submarine episodes of the Twilight Zone. Remember the one with ghosts of the drowned tapping on the side of the hull? Ooooh.