Belphegor, phantom of the Louvre, haunts the Louvre. He's helping an Egyptian mummy get its amulets back or something. Mummies are all about the amulets.

hey cool
Free trip to the Louvre, unprecedented ending
but YUCK
Merde CG

What. I don't know, leave me alone, I sort of liked it. Sometimes I want to see something foreigny and I like when there's a phantom in the museum at night, and it's not dubbed, and in other countries they sometimes let nice older people be in movies. Sure it's a bit bland, and oddly preoccupied with having the phantom turn off people's electricity, but I'm easily bugged and this is a pretty inoffensive movie.

There's of course a girl, who gets possessed by the mummy, and by mummy I mean a flying skeleton on fire. It's apparently invisible to the people in the movie, but sadly we the audience get a whole snootfull of it and it's not good. I've seen worse CG - at this point in my horror watching career no matter what I see I've seen something worse - but in a movie as generally austere as this it's especially jarring when the thing suddenly zooms across the screen like a lit sparkler.

I'm not actually sure whether the animation refers to Belphegor (phantom of the Louvre) or the mummy, or whether they're both the same entity. I don't really think the movie cares, but the bits of the story I did understand were acceptable movie drama. The ending in fact may be unique in the history of cinema. This is one of the few times I'm going to say spoiler alert and actually mean it, 'cause I need to talk about that ending.

So as I understand it the mummy's spirit is trapped in this mortal coil due to lack of proper funerary rites, and all the killing and amulet recovery is just its attempt to pass on into whatever first person shooter it belongs. Now of course we would expect protagonists to figure all this out and destroy the monster by chanting its name backwards while wearing a magic crocodile mask and disporting the amulet in a theatrical manner on the third night of a gibbous moon or something, but nothing like that happens. You're not going to believe this - they get all the mummy's artifacts and stuff together and perform a nice funeral for it, which it finds satisfactory and then leaves. The hell? Did I just see that? I don't understand the part where a thousand other flaming skeletons also come shooting out of the Louvre, but wow, I just love that. They helped the monster, and nevermind the murders. When has that ever happened?

Now I'm going to want all my horror movies to end this way. I want Lance Hennriksen to help Pumpkinhead revenge up all the dirt bikers and give him a wink and thumbs up at the end. I want Reggie and that kid to help the Tall Man make his quota of undead jawas, and I'm sure the Leprechaun could use a hand tracking down it missing gold. I think the authorities should ban silver bullets as unfair so werewolves can get that horrible little kid in Silver Bullet. Oooh let's have Doctor Loomis finally snap and help Michael catch Laurie Strode. It's the only way to end the curse and remember she had that horrible hair.