Jackasses dare each other to go into a haunted barn. Nothing much happens in there so they get drunk and go camping for the rest of the movie. Hope you like watching detestable young people fart about and say naughty words for 90 minutes. I think some of them might get killed by offscreen ghosts at the end.

Apparently there's some other whole different movie called Blood Creek. This isn't that one. This is the horrible, horrible direct to video one.

hey cool
Funny death scene
but YUCK
Freakin' jackass convention

The movie opens with a strongly implied pitchfork stabbing and the hanging of an actress who is just shockingly bad at pretending to be hanged. You'll definitely want to look into that if you're doing a top 10 silly death scene gag reel for YouTube or something. After that you can go pick ticks off your dog 'cause there will be no further significant incidents of violence for the remainder of the video.

What bugs me is this was shaping up to be a a good 'ol Jason style camping trip slaughter of the anonymous young. The movie racks up its fodder 80s style and marches them right off to killer ghost infested woods without all the usual birdshit of having to hear their juvenile soap drama for an hour first. Yeah the gang's pretty annoying, but at first it was just enough to make me anticipate shortly getting a look at their insides. Had the movie commenced with the R-rated graphic murders at that point it would have been well within acceptable tolerances, but instead it decides we don't want to see that sort of thing and would rather settle in for a study in drunken dumbfuckery for the rest of the evening. And while it's customary for these movies to have one or two jackasses, this thing must have found a whole case on sale and when they all get going it's just unbearable.

I can only guess that jackasses are the intended audience and the filmmakers wanted to give them something to point at and grunt in recognition, but we frowning grownup people don't so much like listening to youngsters barf and carry on.