Somehow in World War 2 a group of Americans, British, an Australian, a black guy, a woman and even guy doing fake Russian accent all end up adrift in the same lifeboat. They bump into a German ship taking the very long way back from Trannsylvania with a load of...I won't spoil the big reveal but bear in mind the Nazis have already run afoul of Frankenstein.

hey cool
On a ship
but YUCK
So much hostility

Yeah it's vampires. 3 wimpy easy to beat vampires. I assume the Nazis were trying to raise an invincible korps of waffen-nosferatu or something but once again let one get loose to graphically butcher the whole crew and force the Allies to clean up their mess. I feel like the fear of crosses and incineration by daylight would have doomed the project anyway.

It's another of these movies that's mostly guys yelling and grousing at each other. Did people say "get fucked" in the 40s? I don't remember hearing it until like around the time "like" and "dude" became a thing. I was a weird kid and didn't go to school though so what do I know. I didn't even hear "motherfucker" until I was 17. My point is none of these new war horror movies have figured out how to wash the millennial off their actors. I'm not saying I know how either - the 1940s were a really long time ago now and I don't know how people talked back then, but it can't be the way they talk now.

Maybe historical accuracy is a bit much to ask for in a cheap vampire movie though. Maybe good movie is even a bit much to ask. This is the sort of thing I just watch for its premise and pretend it's way better. Horror movie at night on a ship still beats Citizen Kane in my book.