The bus boy at a beatnik night club wants to make the art scene, but he swings in
squaresville pops. One night he gets wise that using dead Bert Convy as a substrate
can give even a no talent clyde like him the chops to make chicks blow their wigs.

hey cool
but YUCK
At most a saucer of blood

Murder man, can you dig it? Gotta love that beat jazz. They knew what the word "cool" meant back then. Yeah these are fake Roger Corman beatniks but it's just for kicks man so don't get bugged.

It's the great Dick Miller, who people keep calling "kid" even though he looks about 40. Fun cast here, pretentious beat poetry, jazzy street chase, and pretty much zero horror. Corman's coppin' a bit on us with that title.

That's the rap dads, I gotta cut.