Just the one night of terror actually. A professor does something that causes Zombicus spaghetticus to rise from the tomb and amble over to a nearby estate where some horribly ugly men with pretty wives are trying to have sex.

hey cool
Euro gory
but YUCK
Euro greasy

"I have a plan, let's let them in". The Italians may suck at plans but they make a damn fine fake zombie head.

I'm going to say goriest zombie movie ever. The performers must have gotten fat on all the bloody junk they made them eat. Instead of the customary facial prosthetics most of the zombies here are sporting elaborate masks. This changes the movie in a couple ways. Firstly they look weird. Secondly you can pack them with maggots and wreck the whole head. And they do, a lot.

And I hope you like slow zombies 'cause these guys are barely ambulatory. It's like attack of the 100 year old men. I'm saying the victims generally have a bit of a wait to be killed. You might even need to help out by holding your head directly under a scythe and not moving for a bit while they gently decapitate you.

To me the gore is kind of all the movie's got though. Bit of a yuck factor here, and not from the worms and bloody guts and 'sploded heads. Seeing that one guy without a shirt makes me need to compulsively shave every inch of my body. And oh god that kid who keeps trying to get on his mom's tit, and she lets him. I guess they originally wanted an actual kid to play the role but even the Italians were like "no that's inappropriate" so they found a guy who super looks like a kid, the great Pietro Barzocchini (Peter Bark) who went on to not have an acting career and remains to this day semi-famous as creepy incest boy.

But incestuous boob-chewing aside this movie to me just doesn't have that fever delerium quality of a Fulci or Argento, or even the mad frenzy of a Lenzi. I'm really feeling the lack of relentless throbbing spaghetti zombie theme. At times the score is kind of weird but there's also some regular boring ol' blaring horn action noise here and I'm sorry but that's just not zesty Italian.

Still definitely need this in your Euro-zombie marathon though. Probably want some hard drugs for that too. Maybe I'm underrating this a bit but that naked guy kind of messed me up. BRB gonna go shave again.