One year ago on Christmas Eve the town of Bailey Downs is shocked by the grisly murder of two high school students. This year not only does that happen again but three other horrific sequences of somewhat intertwined events unfold, which sounds a lot like a Christmas horror anthology.

hey cool
Pretty much every Xmas horror trope wrapped up
in one movie
but YUCK
Not as depressing as real Christmas

Up until like five years ago I'd never even heard the word "Krampus"; now you can't swing a weaponised yule log without hitting a movie about the infernal thing. I guess he's some kind of uber-Grinch from continental Europe where bad children are at considerably more risk during the holidays. Today's powdery white Krampus looks kind of lame to be honest, but you can really only go so wrong with a child murdering goat demon.

I don't know what horrible Christmas thing you could want that isn't in this movie. We have: Krampuses, zombie elves, Santa suit killer, doppelgangers that steal your kids, Christmas ghosts, and Shatner! It's all quite watchable if not memorable. This will not be the worst movie in your Christmas horror marathon {cough Jack Frost}.

By no means a horror comedy, but there is a distressing tendency of all modern holiday horror movies to be a bit light hearted. I don't hate it and it even works okay here, but we have to go clear back to like 1980 for a really dark to the core Christmas movie.
I mean for some of us 'tis the season to eye the 'ol revolver and a little empathy would be nice. God. Another dead soldier. See you in 2018.