A giant monster sensibly attacks New York City and young people set aside their relationship drama to capture it all on their video device, which didn't come with a tripod.

hey cool
Great monster entrance
but YUCK
College crowd soap characters

The first twenty minutes of this movie consist of hip young people having a party in a New York high rise. Seems one of the characters is moving away and hopes to hook up with his estranged semi-girlfriend, but oh no she shows up at the party with another guy! She was kinda out of his league see, but maybe if he'd have called her after their buddy sex he could have proven he had a heart and beard stubble o' gold.

Fuck you movie. Having thus completely alienated me it was kind of hard for this thing to win me back. I think I'd have felt better if I could have thrown up after all that business, and in fairness the movie did try to help it along with all the dizzying shakycam that followed.

I have to say the initial creature attack was beautiful. This is one time when not showing much of the monster really worked, and created a feeling of some unknown apocalypse. It made me wish I could kick back with a pot of coffee in a corner flat with picture windows and watch a monster wreck New York all night.

Alas however, instead I had to watch these characters who'd already been jabbing me with red hot pokers earlier. They made a lot of noise and ran around. Maybe you'll like them if you're not apparently some kind of freak for not liking them. The city under monster attack by night was a fantastic atmosphere but like I said, I was really pissed off and just couldn't get right.

No idea why it's called "Cloverfield". Sure sounds somehow clever though don't it?