Vincent Price and Peter Lorre run a failing undertaker business and must resort to drumming up their own customers through the use of comedic murder. Basil Rathbone won't stay dead.

hey cool
Vincent Price says mean things
but YUCK
Stale comedy, no terrors

Man you do not want to be married to Vincent Price in a movie unless you like thinly veiled death threats and being called things like "my little nest of vipers" all the time.

Proof that a movie can kind of suck even with Mr Price, Peter Lorre and Boris Karloff in it. Not only is this horror comedy, it's comedy from the era when bonks on the noggin with coconut sound effect was considered riotously funny.

Zero horror here. Lorre plays a buffoon and Karloff is a senile old man, so they don't even bring a hint of their usual sinister vibe. And of course you'll laugh harder at your funeral.
But, maybe you just like seeing those guys.