A young woman goes on a really unfortunate pity date with a guy who takes her to a theater in which a number of unrelated yuletide tragedies are pantomimed. In other words it's yet another Christmas horror anthology.

hey cool
A bit out there
but YUCK
Tom Savini definitely not involved in the production

What can I even tell you about another quite watchable Xmas horror anthology you'll forget you saw and watch again in a couple years. The use of pretentious performance art gave it a weird vibe, and the stories were maybe less cookie cutter than in most of these things, some even with ambiguous endings for us dilettantes to nod at. It's been a tough year guys and I'm out of clever things to say. Watch it it's not another lamentable remake of Black Christmas.

I'd like movies to stop trying the throat slit gag if they don't know how to pull it off. Lightly painting a red line across someone's neck with a fake knife shaped brush doesn't cut it - pun intended - here in the 21st century. If you can't do it properly just buy more squibs or something easy. I did enjoy the one gunshot fatality by booby trapped christmas present.

I just realised this is probably the only yuletide horror anthology without a killer Santa. Remember that guy from Silent Night Deady Night 2? Garbage Day! Okay I'm really
done now.