A car sardine-packed with young people breaks down on a deserted road somewhere in India, and the occupants pass the time terrifying each other witless with mildly ironic stories.

hey cool
Bollywood weirdness
but YUCK
Light anthology

"I knew you were not the ghost, because I AM THE GHOST!". Yeah it's that kind of thing. This is my first ever Bollywood movie, and all I can say is...you can really taste the chutney. I don't know if this is typical of these movies, but it's all terribly friendly and light hearted, including what must be the least menacing slasher killer of all time. In fact all the killers in the movie are really just politely trying to help you get rid of bad habits.

The stories are the usual mixed bag of Tales From The Dark Side type stuff, but with an odd hint of saffron and cloves. It's all just a bit off-centre to the Western mind. People turn into apples and stuff. I only much enjoyed the one about the hotel manager who REALLY HATES SMOKING, but I watch foreign horror to see something different, and I got what I came for. Would I watch another of these? Oh, I don't know.

Things I learned about Indians: They jokingly threaten to beat each other up so often that I suspect some underlying psychosis. That creeped me out more than the stories 'cause I think they have the bomb. Also they seem to speak about every fourth sentence in English. I don't know if that's just in the movies or what, but it's really strange.

Thank you come again.