The usual young people - 'cept these are Norwegian - go to a remote lodge for a skiing holiday or something. Little do they know it was the very spot where fanatical Nazis made their last stand, and legend has it they may yet rise from their graves to go goose-stepping across Europe once again. Deutschland, Deutschland über alles...

hey cool
Did I not imply NAZI ZOMBIES?
but YUCK
Zombie slapstick, gratuitous butt kicking of Nazi zombies

Get ready to hate me worse than zombie Hitler, 'cause I seem to be the only person who thinks this movie is overrated. Yeah it's really gory and NAZI ZOMBIES, but it's also full to bursting with the two things that are becoming the Götterdämmerung of this stagnant genre: zombie comedy and zombie butt kicking.

There are scenes in this movie that would have been right at home in Sean Of The Dead. We have physical comedy, we have banter, we have zombie bites a guy on the weiner, complete with "I'm not sucking out the poison". I'm not laughing.

Then here comes what, Norwegian Rambo? For being hard bitten SS soldiers these zombies fight like total untermenschen and get a bare-ass whipping from Sven and Ole here. These guys kill so many Nazi zombies that at one point the movie actually ran out and had to raise more. I'm not fist pumping.

I really wanted to like this, and yeah maybe you could watch just for the blood and snow and gore and NAZI ZOMBIES. These are some pretty gnarly looking Teutonic undead, even if their combat prowess doesn't quite live up to it. To be fair there are a few genuinely dark scenes here and there between the comic action, but for me that only makes it more of a bummer 'cause it shows this could have been classic zombie movie. As it stands though I just don't see the horror in gore gags and people massacring zombies like a herd of bison.