It's a fact-filled documentary about the life of Confederate war criminal William "Bloody Bill" Anderson, who escaped to California in 1866 and I'm pullin' yer leg it's a horrible, horrible zombie movie.

hey cool
Seeing others fail can make you feel better about yourself
but YUCK
In addition to every other way a movie can suck, it's just so slightly overscored

WHY THE MOVIE SO LOUD! Sheez. The slightest sudden movement onscreen makes giant shredding heavy metal happen for a while. Old feller like me gonna need an aspirin.

Okay, I saw this movie. And yes, I then actually sat down and wrote about it. I suppose, strictly speaking, that makes me a big loser. You know what though? At least I didn't make this movie. I have actually made better things than this movie, like that table I made out of plywood a couple weeks ago.

Alright, once more into the breach...

Perhaps you could take some perverse pleasure in hearing non-actors misdeliver some of the most cringingly awful dialogue ever penned by the hand of ape.

You might enjoy a self-satisfied chuckle when you notice modern farm machinery appearing in the phantom old West ghost town.

You can see the only positive portrayal of cocaine abuse ever in a movie, when the black guy gets a coke powerup and becomes a superhuman zombie fighting machine complete with rockin' garage band theme.

And if you're a student of film, there are ninety minutes of detailed information here about how not to make movies.

So you see there are lots of reasons to watch this, and you didn't just piss another evening of your godforsaken life right down your leg.