It's a movie called The Dunwich Horror in which words like "Dunwich", "Whately",
"Yog-Sothoth" and "Necronomicon" are oft uttered.

hey cool
Jeffrey Combs
but YUCK
Waiter, there seems to be a priest and romantic subplot in my Lovecraft movie

This isn't that 70s one, which wasn't bad even though it completely botched HPL's Story. This one is bad and botches the story. Apparently the people who make movies about The Dunwich Horror actually hate the story and think they're way better writers than
H.P. Lovecraft.

I mean there's not even a romantic subplot with bickering exes in the original, where we get to hear all the juicy back and forth about why they split up. I can't stand it I just gotta tell you, the guy's one of those insufferable rationalists who only believe in stuff that's real. Did you know he never told her he loved her even once in the six years they were together? God, people who practise critical thinking are such cold, unfeeling bastards. Don't you just hate 'em?

They don't understand that you just gotta have faith in whatever some delusional crank wrote in an old book, 'cause it's all real man. Exorcism, crop circles, stigmata, tooth fairy, pro wrestling, psychic surgery, spoon bending, jackalopes, mormons, pyramid power - science has no explanation! Fortunately our hero comes to understand the real truth before it's too late and they find love again while saving the world from a Yog-Sothoth sound and light show at the end. I'm sure it would've given Mr. Lovecraft a massive
warm fuzzy.

Jeffrey Combs' performance is entertaining even though it bears little similarity to Wilbur Whately. That's in keeping with the film's theme of replacing all the good parts of The Dunwich Horror with the sort of thing you'd see in a bad movie though. It's basically a mish-mash of Catholic exorcism horror, Lovecrafty words and that guy learning science
is bullshit.

Be warned the movie is no longer called The Dunwich Horror and has adopted the blatantly anti-wiccan title Witches: The Darkest Evil, which is how they tricked me into watching it twice.