Like lookin' at big, barely concealed boobs? Like jokes about boobs and weiners?
Man, have I got the movie for you.

hey cool
Oh, I don't know
but YUCK
I was that close to going my whole life without hearing Elvira do a rap

Well we all love Elvira and her two major talents, as JoeBob would say. Queen of horror, mistress of the dark, harlot of Halloween, succubus of schlock, all that sort of thing.
Mm hm she's the greatest.

Look I'm just going to come out and say it, Elvira isn't that funny. Sure she's delightful doing host segments or a guest spot on The Fall Guy, but isn't a whole movie maybe just a li'l too much Elvira? Basically what we have here is an hour and a half of "look how different Elvira is from regular folks" sitcom schtick, with uptight locals like Edie McClurg being scandalised and teenage boys hanging around her boobs.

'Cause yeah, that's a neat rack she's got there. Her boobs are in fact referenced a number of times in the film, and the boob jokes are backed up with boob action as she jumps them up and down, spins them around, presses them against windshields, busts through a gate with them, and loses a frankfurter right down into their cavernous divide. It's not all about boobs though; there's also ass, and a fair amount of ribaldry regarding the genitalia as well, including a second hot dog analog. I'm saying you might titter and blush if you're watching this movie in mixed company.

Just pokin' a little fun at Elvira here. I have kind of a nostalgia spot for this little movie because I actually bought it on VHS way back in the day, and it might have even been the first sort of horror movie I ever owned. This was back before I had quite figured out horror movies were going to be my thing; it was still more of a primordial calling that I had yet to become fully conscious of, and that moment I saw it there on the bargain rack was possibly the first step on my road to ruin. It just seemed so wonderfully naughty to actually buy a horror movie, especially one with a big busty chick on the front. I had been an uptight religious young man for most of the 80s you see, like the sort of people who are shocked and confounded by Elvira's behaviour in the film. But it was all coming apart right about when this hit the shelves and it was too hard to resist Elvira's box so I whipped out my roll and paid the lady seven dollars for it. If you didn't find that joke riotously funny you might want to pass on this movie.