Better send a team out to the mysterious derelict vessel for the bizarre discoveries and what the hell happened here and now we're trapped and all that neat stuff. This time it's the hulk of a space ship that may have been all the way to Heck and back using its interdimensional hyper-warp quantum drive powered by black holes. Lord only knows what it brought back.

hey cool
Cool models, genuine sci-fi horror
but YUCK
Action movie wisecracking, cries out to be NC-17

Yeah it's a horror movie. What's with you people who think horror movies can't happen in space? Didn't you see Leprechaun 4? In Space?

Strictly speaking maybe not quite as good a film as Alien, but probably the hardest core pure horror in outer space movie there is, full of gruesome scenes, haunted devil possessed ship, crew madness and almost Lovecraftian cosmic terror. After hearing the commentary it seems the studio completely wimped out on the gore and most of the really bloody scenes just flicker for a few frames, but this is still a mean movie.

Event Horizon I mean, not Leprechaun.

Depressing though to think how fantastic this would have been if they could have used all the footage. Reminds one that most studio funded MPAA whipped horror movies aren't specifically made for horror fans; they know they'll get our dollar, but it's Joe Bloggs movie goer they really want, the guy who occasionally watches a horror movie as a change of pace from whatever the hell regular people watch.

Go ahead and call me an elitist, but dig, last time I was at a theatre a million years ago (with a girl - it could happen) they showed a preview of one of those Disney things and a guy in the next row starts laughing out of control like a hyaena when the talking dinosaur or whatever fell down and went boom. That's fine, that guy needs movies too, but there are a hell of a lot more of him than there are of you, and movies make their money by selling tickets to the most people possible. Do the math on that and it says all movies should be made for him, and none for you (by "you" I mean me but I don't want to sound like a pompous ass).

I know that's overstating it; the world is big enough that a few movies can make money catering to snobs like you, but not big space movies. That's how my little rant here has anything to do with Event Horizon. This movie in particular simply cannot be done properly, and I think that's sad. To make back a space movie budget it has to put your standard soccer moms and dads in the seats, and they don't want to see anything like what this movie originally was. This is also why we'll likely never see At The Mountains of Madness get made. Or if we do it'll probably suck, which is even sadder. It's a rum world shipmates.

But back to the movie. As a model geek I love that the space ships and such were real miniatures; you'll see less CG in this space movie than in a romantic comedy made nowadays. The big dizzy spinning black hole drive was especially fantastic and ominous and apparently a full sized working construct. Amazing. Not even on LSD and peyote would they dream of actually building something like that anymore.

Sure I have complaints. Could have done without the comic relief guy. I hate wisecrack banter in any movie, and it's especially inappropriate here. Thankfully there's not a lot, but when it breaks out you're suddenly taken away for a minute into a Summer blockbuster starring Will Smith. It gets a little typical sci-fi action movie toward the end as well, with rather more running and jumping and yelling while things blow up than I'd like to see in horror. I also think the movie missed an opportunity to have the ship actually warp beyond the known universe and give us a mind quivering glimpse of the beyond, and I again I think some of that sort of thing was in the real unmutilated film, but instead it kind of goes out with a whimper.

According to the movie we should have a permanent Moon colony by 2015. NASA better get on that.