Well, near as I can figure, these soldiers and some sort of wizard's apprentice desert a 17th century battlefield and then pull another guy up out of the ground who brainfucks them into looking for something that might be buried in this field, and one guy spits up rocks that may have something to do with it and a giant roiling black sphere possibly threatens to engulf the planet. Not positive about any of that though and it might be they just got into some funny mushrooms.

hey cool
but YUCK
Is this a horror movie? I don't know, it was in the horror section

Hope you're not one of those stodgy, uptight sorts who require all your movies to make any sense at all or depict events happening in sequence or be in colour, 'cause you'll get none of that clichéd banality here.

Seriously no idea. Here's my thing. I don't try to figure out the plot on shows. I don't fret my pretty little head over whodunnit or what the Log Lady was on about or what in hell was all that business with the giant balloon on The Prisoner. Yeah I know you're supposed to, but I just don't and here's why: what if I'm smarter than the movie? Not saying I am, but sometimes I am, and I've been burned too many times trying to figure stuff out only to finally realise it's really just stupid. Like you've got to be shitting me Pyle, you know?

And in the case of these artsy fairy avante-garde things there may actually be no meaning, or it might be pretentious, made deliberately unintelligible in order for Bohemian types to act like they get it and feel smarter than common Wal-Mart shoppers like you and I, who
should just go back to watching our movies where stuff blows up and Schwartzenegger
will "be back".

So yeah I don't bother about it. Who says movies have to be about anything anyway? Sometimes I only want to go to some fucked up place and marvel at the audiovisual stimuli.
I mean symphonies and rollercoasters and porn don't have a plot either. If a movie wants me to know something it has to show me, otherwise I just trip. And this is a trip, packed to bursting with black and whitey slow-mo and weird music and camera stutter and some kind of black hole and people standing motionless for no apparent reason. I dig that dark weird shit, 'cause my normal day as a cabin-fevered hermit living alone in the woods just isn't quite surreal enough.

Sorry I can't give you more information. I don't know what's going on or even what the characters are saying most of the time, as the dialogue is kind of muted with a lot of whispering and muttering and slurring of lines. I'm sure the sort of people who make this sort of movie would never call it horror and for all I know it may be an allegory of the 1983 NC State basketball season, but you can always pretend they dug up Yog-Sothoth or something out there, and it can't be denied there's a skull.