Movie says what it does and does what it says. I have no additional information for you. I'm just here for the collateral damage.

hey cool
Quality Voorhees brand teen kills
but YUCK
I hate when my friends fight

First off I have to admit I've never been big on the Freddy franchise. I respect Mr Krueger as the horror icon he is but I think overall the movies rather let him down, being short on kills and long on wisecracks and teenagers talking about stuff and trying to stay awake. I don't think I've even seen them all to be honest. Of what I have seen though I believe this is my favourite Freddy sequel, for it's a Freddy movie no mistake; he initiates and matriculates the plot down the field, happens mostly on Elm Street, and yeah once again better stay awake. The advantage here though is that Jason is on board to do most of the heavy lifting.

Mr Voohees roundly out murders Freddy, as we knew he would. Not even Michael Myers could have kept up, let alone poor Frederick, who only manages a paltry single kill here - one of his trademark get 'em in a bad dream and scratches appear on the face and horrified onlookers can't wake 'em up deals. These are some of the best Jason kills since back when we had that Berlin Wall though. I especially enjoyed the jackhammer stabbing of the token asshole guy right at the start. In fact both of the film's unpleasant young males were destroyed within the first fifteen minutes, and that, movie, is the way to my heart.

Seriously I want to harp on this. I know screenwriters have an acute uncontrollable addiction to packing their movies with juvenile Y chromosomals revelling in their assholery - it might even be some kind of mandatory FCC regulation - but for the love of god KILL THEM! NOW! Here's how I like this to work: "hmm that guy's kind of a...whoa and there's his colon". Thank you Freddy vs Jason, and to the rest of you slashers out there look, is it really so hard?

In case you're interested, the plot contrivance to facilitate the movie's title is something about Freddy needing more vaguely defined "power" and waking up Jason somehow provides it. Not sure how that works but the gang figure it all out fairly quickly. Maybe they were Goonies.

My problem with the movie is its entire concept. I mean the only Freddy vs Jason I care about is a teenager murdering contest; when they fight each other it just seems sad and pointless. I guess a big fiery pro-wrestling bout is no worse than the usual way these things end, but I have zero interest in the outcome. It's kind of traumatic even, like seeing your parents fight or something until you just want it to stop. Look guys there are unslain young people right there!

Nice kill reel in the special features. More movies should have this. Maybe it's more accurate to say more movies should have enough quality kills to even need a kill reel. I had to watch it a number of times to get myself right before retiring, as the empowered final girl rage one liner at the end hurt me pretty bad. It's for the best that I never see these movies in the theatre; a little piece of me would die inside if I heard people cheering and fist pumping that sort of thing.