So Tommy Jarvis decides it would be a good plan to dig up Jason Voorhees, like that's not going to result in immediate reanimation. Jason gets up and kills 18 people.

hey cool
Ridiculous body count
but YUCK
Butchered by the censors

Seriously 18 dead bodies. That's like five modern slashers lined up end to end. Hell that would even scare a few spaghetti Westerns. Granted these are not all top shelf kills - lots of censored jump cut bullshit - but one guy gets his heart punched out and quantity does have a quality. At least the people of the 1980s understood that you're supposed to actually kill folks in a slasher movie.

Anyway yeah he's back, the maaaan behind the mask, as we're warned by the dulcet tones of Alice Cooper. 80s hair metal Jason theme guys. I personally think part VI is underrated by Friday fans; to me this is maybe the purest example of gimmick-free workmanlike slasher movie staple food in the whole franchise. It's just Jason in the woods killing people.

How the hell am I going to review nine of these things? I just used up all my ways to describe Jason in the woods killing people. I do love a good grave desecration on a dark and stormy night. Goes down smooth with some Chinese take-out. Good hearty horror marathon stuff. Groping for words here...

Oh! World's greatest girlfriend of all time. Dig, she falls in love with the guy at first sight while he's behind bars for digging up a graveyard, instantly believes his entire story about a corpse rising from the dead despite the fact that it's technically impossible and he's an escaped mental patient and a complete stranger to her, then breaks him out of jail after holding a police officer at gunpoint and risks life and limb in a high speed car chase helping him hunt an invincible superzombie. She met the guy like an hour ago.

Okay so maybe she's not the sharpest knife in the teenager and amuses herself by seeing how far she can lean back in an office chair before tipping over but still, I gotta say, wow. Hard as it may be to believe I have known one or two girls and, well, this is why I prefer movies to the real world.