This isn't a spoiler 'cause it's right on the deal. Blood-sucking tentacled alien monsters descend upon Earth but here's the thing - they can't eat people who are absolutely full of alcohol. They land in Ireland.

hey cool
Pretty country they've got there
but YUCK
The sort of movie where they squirt alcoholic beverages at the monster with a super-soaker

Well I guess I liked the graboids and Ireland is picturesque and the characters aren't teenage jackasses, but the movie is basically just what you're expecting - lots and lots of people being Foster Brooks legless funny drunk while a monster is after them. What stomps the horror vibe out of a movie more than action scenes? Comic action scenes.

Not a big drinker myself. This one time as a young man I was pretty unhappy because some girl didn't like me and I'd heard alcohol was helpful in that situation so I found this bottle of kahlua and some rum and started hammering it down with no regard for the fact that I'd never had more than a glass of wine before that. I was literally crawling back and forth to the porcelain god for a couple days after and developed a gag reflex for hard liquor, and for this sort of comedy.

The movie gets progressively less enjoyable as the drunker they get the funnier it tries to be, and the more not funny and not a horror movie it becomes. Toss in a maudlin romantic subplot and a one liner when they blow up the monster and it's pretty much a parody
without irony.

'Cause they drink a lot in Ireland see.