Crazy horror fans lure young people to their island and kill 'em to make super realistic slasher flicks while constantly referencing and re-enacting horror movie clichés. But it turns all too real when...oh yeah it is real, sorry. Or is it?

hey cool
Acceptable slasher kills
but YUCK
Spoofs its pants

I don't hate this movie as much as I'm about to let on. The kills are suitably bloody, and its youthful charges only gave me a slight headache and nausea. I even kind of liked the crazy horror couple and could have enjoyed the premise of fucked up fans trying to stage death scenes. Hell I'd donate my cadaver to a horror movie. I'm even okay with a bit of attempted black comedy thrown in, but I don't so much enjoy having the entire horror gag bag dumped out on my head. There's so much silliness by the end that it might as well be one of those Scary Movie things.

This film demonstrates that it's possible to poke a bit too much fun at something. Horror movie spoofs, or homages if you want, are themselves becoming predictable and trite. The stuff's all here - plot jerks, tag lines, killed while doing sex, horror movie geek, oh my god she was the real killer, "fuck you bitch" or somesuch when the final boy shoots her with a flare gun, et cetera ad nauseum. I don't hate all horror clichés, just the ones in this movie, and none of it goes down any easier for supposedly being tongue-in-cheek.

I'll watch Jason machete teenagers in the woods in Friday the 13th Part 99 and still like it, but it's a fragile kind of liking that doesn't necessarily extend to a send-up of the same thing. This movie takes one step beyond Scream and basically spoofs itself in a loop - you could spoof this movie by making another one just like it.

Wait, final boy? There's no final boy in slasher movies. The hell's that crap. Ohhhh, I see what they did there, it's the opp-o-site of the cliché. I hate that too.