{cue theme}

hey cool
The Shape, the theme
but YUCK
Low body count

Most beautiful opening title ever. The black screen, the pumpkin, John Carpenter's immortal piano doodle telling us October has come once again. Gives me the chills man. Obviously no horror fan needs a review of this movie. Hell some of y'all probably have tattoos of Mr Myers, and Doctor Loomis has become the voice of warning in all our complacent heads.
This guy even built a copy of the Myers' house, and lives in it. This movie is the sight and sound and sickly sweet smell of Halloween night in our collective consciousness. What's left to say?

Is it overrated?

I'm sure as hell not going to be the one to say so, but it's a fact only three teenagers die, and only one of them in real slasher style. Champions of the film point this out as one of its strengths, arguing that it proves a horror movie doesn't need a ton of blood, guts and much more graphically murdered P.J. Soleses to be effective.

Well, I say a slasher movie does totally need those things.

Ah but is it really a slasher movie? Highbrow types who are all too good for slashers like to call this a suspense movie. Here's my problem though, I'm fairly immune to suspense in movies, so to me a scene of a girl hiding in a closet from a killer is just a picture of a girl sitting in a closet. I'm saying for me the long ending sequence drags just a little. Just a wee bit. Maybe. Alright? Fine, nevermind!

I love the movie, but I love it more for its vibe than for what actually happens on screen. It's Halloween night, that theme is playing, and The Shape is out there. I like to just trip on that for a while.