It's still the same Halloween night, Michael Myers is still out there, and Doctor Loomis is still super worked up about it.

hey cool
More kills
but YUCK
Less vibe

Man it sucks to be that poor kid in a Captain Kirk mask. One minute you're enjoying a night of Halloween fun and the next some deranged doctor is waving a gun at you and you're plowed over by an exploding cop car. Aww, it was that kid Laurie had a crush on too. Hope she likes dental remains.

So yeah Doctor Loomis totally got an innocent bystander killed and the movie makes nothing of it. He pulls his gun on that cop later too. Probably a good thing Michael stabs the guy in the throat or he could have informed his superiors and the doctor might have gotten a reprimand or something, although I believe the first movie does establish that HE HAS A PERMIT.

Anyway what we have here is a much more traditional slasher movie than the first Halloween, which begs the question is it already marching to Friday the 13th's drum? I don't care, I'll watch anything with Mr Myers and Doctor Loomis. I think it loses a lot of that Halloween night vibe by taking place inside a brightly lit hospital though.

Which apparently has only one patient, one doctor, and like 3 nurses in the whole facility on Halloween night? Haddonfield must be a pretty safe town when Dr Loomis isn't shooting up the place. If you're a hospital though, probably don't have a scald humans to death setting on your hydrotherapy pool.