Michael Myers is still alive! Armed psychiatrist Doctor Loomis terrorises Jamie Lloyd into acting as bait to lure Michael back to the Myers house where they can maybe almost kill him again.

hey cool
It's another Halloween movie
but YUCK
Ugly mask, and if I hear the word "Tina" one
more time...

So we learn from Halloween V that being a final girl only makes you invincible for one movie. If you push it and come back for the a sequel you can be killed rather unceremoniously with a pair of scissors early in the picture.

Doctor Loomis ladies and gentlemen, and his famous bedside manner. Almost throttles an ultra traumatised little girl multiple times, and when I said uses her as bait I meant it quite literally, yelling "come and get her!" as he holds the child by force kicking and screaming in front of Michael. Hardcore old school psychiatry man. He'd cure all your bullshit in one fifty minute session guaranteed.

This was assumed to be his last Halloween movie, as Ahab-like he spits his last breath at Michael and has a presumably fatal heart attack and drops dead on top of him face to mask. The franchise probably should have ended in a scene like that, but in a better movie than this.

Not to rubbish it but to me it has a just a sequel feel, cruising on Loomis, The Shape and the theme. Has a bit less of that pure Halloween vibe as we transition into the dubious storyline of part VI and bid a sad goodbye to the 1980s. It's still enough though. The magic is still just barely there, and dig Danielle Harris absolutely nailing it as an 11 year old.

But what's with that mask? It was barely acceptable in Part IV and downright goofy looking at times here. More like a just some dumb guy mask than the classic inscrutable Captain Kirk. Takes a bit of the sting out of Mr Myers' kills and trademark window stares and background lurkings if you ask me.