Michael Myers now literally has a cult following, complete with hooded cowls and torchlit dungeons. They impregnate Jamie Lloyd so they can do something weird with the baby, but Michael wants to kill it super bad 'cause it's technically a Myers and he's got that thing about Myerses you know.

hey cool
Doctor Loomis' last ride
but YUCK
Baby in movie

Say what you will about Halloween sequels but they have absolutely no qualms about casually killing off beloved final girls and children from the previous movies. Jamie Lloyd, darling of Halloweens 4 and 5 and played here by the wrong actress, is butchered off without ceremony. Sadly her baby survives to shock and repulse me continually throughout the movie with sudden fullscreen shots of the damn thing. How would you like to open your sock drawer and see a dozen squirming pink newborn rats? That's what it's like to me.

We're in deep sequel Michael Myers mythology mumbo jumbo here - something about Celtic druids and magic runes (which aren't Celtic, sorry pedant). The point has been made, and I agree, that The Shape was more effective as a horror device when he was, as Loomis would say, pure inscrutable evil. Giving him some half baked reason for his behaviour kind of cheapens it for me. At least Friday the 13th never bothered with that crap (Jason Goes to Hell doesn't count as anything).

Michael himself looks questionable in some of these sequels. The frizzy wig is unfortunately prominent this time. Despite looking slightly goofy though his kills are some of the best in the franchise, especially the utterly remorseless murder of Jamie Lloyd, which made me almost glad it wasn't Daneille harris.

Seems like Tommy Doyle and Tommy Jarvis should team up and do a horrible show on Shudder that I would never watch. What else before we go...funny how Strode Realty is still in business.

So here we are at the end of the classic pre-reboot Halloween Cycle. Theoretically someone could still make a great Friday the 13h movie, but Halloween will never be quite right again. A vital piece is forever broken, but he's still here one last time. Without further adieu let's hoist a pint and blast off our handguns in tribute to the greatest psychiatrist of all.