Or Halloween 8 if you prefer.

Turns out H2O was punking us with that ending. Michael Myers wasn't killed at all! Instead he caught some random paramedic, dressed him up in a Shatner mask and wig, crushed his larynx so he couldn't yell "I'm not Michael don't kill me!" and shoved him out in front of a fully final-woman enraged Laurie Strode. Sounds contrived and unlikely I know but it totally happened. So anyway Michael's back to kill a few millennials and famous for no reason celebrities putting on an internet reality show in the Myers house.

hey cool
Famed slasher killer Michael Myers is in it
but YUCK
See plot synopsis above

Well I always wanted to see Michael kill Laurie Strode, but in a way better scene than that, and probably with Doctor Loomis red faced and bellowing about it in the background. I can only guess Ms Lee Curtis needed a cheque pretty bad.

There's a limit to how awful a movie can be with the Halloween theme playing and The Shape killing kids. This movie absolutely nails that limit. So what we have here is your average below average slasher movie: the kills aren't horrible, irritating young people die, and it's certainly not as bad as its lets run this franchise into the ground counterpart Jason Goes To Hell, but it has pretty much zero authentic Halloween vibe left.

So that's it. End of the original franchise before entering remake purgatory, with every last dollar and ounce of dignity wrung out of it. I guess there's some kind of rule that the last sequel always has to go out with its pants around its ankles. But, maybe you really like the Myers house, which is apparently as big as the Winchester Mansion inside.