This poor sod has a shitty job as a ticket inspector on a train and the passengers are cartoonishly rude and he was passed over for promotion by some asshole who rubs it in and the girl he likes is sort of "meh" when he finally gets the nerve to ask her out and basically at this point he needs werewolves to attack the train.

hey cool
but YUCK
Character driven narrative

I love trains. I love when they're stranded out in the lonely woods and werewolves are howling at the full moon and the passengers are terrified. It's a beautiful chill and I like looking at this movie. Not as keen on watching it.

What we have here is another episode of what I call forced character development. It's one of these "let's get to know a bunch of strangers while horror stuff is happening in the background" deals. So we have the super rude girl who turns out really isn't so bad, the super rude older woman who turns out really isn't so bad, the dogsbody who turns up trumps in the end, the girl who really might like him after all, the fat guy with food all over him, the Indian guy, and of course Cooper. Mustn't have a movie without a Cooper being a giant dick the whole time. When I say forced I mean the characters might as well be saying those things out loud. At one point an old man stood up to give a rousing exhortation about banding together to kick werewolf ass that sounded to me like "I'm an old man who's still relevant - you don't see many of those in movies!".

This was followed by a humanity banding together in adversity montage with triumphant orchestrall swells. Good movies never have that. Although thankfully this is a British production so things don't get too awfully self-proud and humanity's triumph through unity is rather short lived before werwolves kill pretty much all of them.

Today's canis erectus unusually lack the mane and snout that might have conveyed some similarity to wolves. They're basically big nekkid people with bat heads. That's not necessarily a complaint; I don't care what you call your movie monster as long as it hurts folks and looks menacing sometimes. These do when they're lurking in the dark woods but I can almost smell the latex in the bright full body shots. They tried to give them triple jointed legs and it looks awkward and horrible. Seeing it is actually kind of disturbing though, like in a children's drawing sort of way? So maybe all's well that
ends well.