We all know what troubled artists who've just had a nervous breakdown need: trip to a peaceful remote cottage to work through their issues while solving a mystery about werewolves, bigfoot, abductor aliens, witch coven, ghost haunting, or on one occasion even killer bees of all things. Today it's the werewolves. Incredibly camera shy werewolves.

hey cool
Harmless horror nap
but YUCK
Lycanthrophobe friendly

Well here we are in the bad part of the 80s, the hockey-haired late 80s when movie companies were falling all over themselves to fill VHS boxes and nevermind with what. And not coincidentally this is also the point in this dubious franchise when they pretty much stopped putting werewoofs in the movies.

More like some kind of Nancy Drew mystery really, all about what drove sister whatsername crazy and what happened to the elderly couple who owned the cottage previously and where did the magic bell in the old church tower come from and who is that abandoned van registered to? Did it belong to those hikers who went missing? But the sheriff said no and mind your own business. What's he covering up?

The answer to all these questions is of course werewolves (sheriff's one too). We learn this in a big reveal of screenwriting awesomeness near the end when they realise the crazy nun was babbling "werewolves are here" instead of "we are all in fear". The two sentences sound similar. HOLY CRAP WERWOLVES. One partially animatronic werewolf upper torso to be precise. I suppose you clever dicks who noticed the title saw it coming but I was just clicking stuff on Amazon video and having seen no werewolves for the entire picture was pretty shocked.

Anyways I doubt you'll even bother to watch after I've gone to the trouble of typing all this so I'll just tell you, the werewolves put up that churchbell that makes them all turn into common dogs and rush into the church when it's rung even if the church is on fire, so people set it on fire and ring the bell.