H.P. LOVECRAFT'S STORIES ARE ALL REAL! As a plucky reporter finds out after surprisingly few enquiries. Now she must pass a SAN check or lose 2d6 points of sanity.

hey cool
Amateur, in the good way
but YUCK
Amateur, in the really bad way

This movie is ninety minutes of Call of Cthulhu role playing game cosplay by non-actors. Is that a bad thing? Well, yeah, but no, 'cause I'm glad there are people willing to put themselves out there and risk severe ridicule to make amateur horror movies. It has the feel of having been made by actual Lovecraft geeks so I kind of don't want to rubbish it too hard. This will be a short notice.

It's not all horrible. I liked the scene where the crazy hobo shoves a severed ear at them, and I always appreciate a nice gunshot suicide. For the most part it's not bad in an annoying way. It's kind of interesting in the same way it might be to watch credulous people play with a ouija board. Look, the movie is trying to be friends, and I don't have many friends.

Just...just...you need to look away during the witch spell ritual at the end. Don't embarrass that poor woman any further by witnessing the things she was made to say and do.