A serial murderer is involved in some sort of chemical spill and transforms into a wisecracking killer snowman seeking revenge on the cop who put him away, with "wisecracking" and "cop" being the red flags. Hope you like snowman schtick.

hey cool
I guess if you're one movie short on your holiday horror marathon
but YUCK
Fail comedy, teen romance, irritating monster, etc

Pretty scary looking snowman monster there on the DVD cover. Wonder what movie that's from, 'cause the actual Jack Frost in this picture is basically just an oversized and perhaps slightly more sinister version of the Pillsbury Doughboy.

To make it even better the filmmakers thought it would be funny to give him the personality of an old Catskills comedian, delivering an endless barrage of such entertaining one-liners as "for crying out loud!" or "did anyone get the number of that truck?". I was going to make a joke about it being like having Krusty the clown as your movie villain, but in this case that would be an insult to Mr Krustoffsky.

Yeah I know it's just supposed to be a silly B movie. I'm saying it sucks as a silly B movie.
I could even have bought into an evil comic Frosty if the film had delivered a little darker tragic Christmas vibe, but it really is just an unfunny joke. By the end it all devolves into shooting at a foam snowman with super squirters and hair dryers. I tell ya this movie's so
bad it won a Grammy! Baddabing!

If you want some tongue in cheek Christmas horror with meat on the bone check out Silent Night. Or hell just watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation again. Not horror? Well Juliett Lewis is in it and she's always kind of creepy.