So the Sheriff guy from the first movie is suffering from Post Traumatic Snowman Disorder and decides to spend the holidays in the Carribbean where there's no snow. The mutant killer snowman recombobulates its molecules and swims all the way down there after him for revenge, like in that Jaws sequel everybody hates.

hey cool
100% kid from the first movie free
but YUCK
When the snowman talks

Yes I am among those elite individuals who have seen Jack Frost 2 after having previously viewed Jack Frost 1. In fact I own a copy of this motion picture on digital video disc. To play devil's (my) advocate however that's only because it happens to be on the same DVD as the Clint Howard magnum opus Ice Cream Man. I don't want internet strangers I'll never meet to think I bought this on purpose.

Of course this is where I'd be expected to target the production with a number of carefully composed snide remarks, but something unprecedented happens at the start of this movie that makes me not hate it. Remember the irritating teenager from the first movie? (Pretend you do). Well in the very first scene it's explained that he's been sent off to stay with his aunt or something while the parents enjoy a second honeymoon in the Caribbean. So naturally I'm thinking "what clever plot device will the screenwriter employ to have the boy tag along unexpectedly so he can sass the adults, fall in love with an island girl, and save the day by figuring out the snowman is allergic to bananas (he is by the way - not making that up), 'cause when has that ever not happened in the history of fiction?

Well guess what, the kid was actually sent away to stay with his aunt and is completely absent from the picture. I don't know how they got that past the ratings board but I have to say wow, that alone softened my at least three sizes too small heart so I'm trying to be as nice as I can to this horrid little movie. Sometimes lack of budget is our friend. In addition to not being able to afford a teenage actor, the incredibly lame fake snowman was apparently too expensive or a hassle to set up for more that a few shots so it's hardly in the movie either. There's only one brief scene in which it even moves. Sadly it does still vocalise extensively from off screen, but at least we don't have to see it.

This is entirely a comedy movie. Expect nothing but jokes and gags and not the slightest ettempt at horror. You'll be not laughing so hard your ribs will atrophy. It's at least self deprecating though, and I'll admit I might have thought it was funny when I was ten. So if you're having a Christmas horror marathon and remember you bought Ice Cream Man and you've had enough holiday spirits or hard drugs to hallucinate a better movie while you're watching it...hell I don't know. I'm just glad to get to the end of another shitty year.