The last living relative of H.P. Lovecraft is tasked with doing something I forgot with a dangerous relic of Cthulhu. He teams up with a a Lovecraft geek and a smartass and they run from guys in fish masks and generally carry on in the manner of youthful comedy movie males.

hey cool
Geek road trip
but YUCK
Again with the horror comedy

Oh my sides are hurting - I think I slept wrong or something. Well I have to watch all these Lovecraft movies 'cause it's my big fanboy thing and all, even if it's a Lovecraft comedy. So time to drag out the same thing I always say about every horror comedy other than The 'Burbs: not funny, not creepy.

You may think I'm a dour and humourless bastard on a crusade against laughter, but I could enjoy horror comedy as much as the next guy if it didn't always fail with its pants down. First of all, it's supposed to be horror comedy. Genuine black comedy makes you laugh at horrible things. If you've never experienced the real thing check out Brother Theodore if you can find him. These movies are just joke cracking while people run
from CHUDs or whatever.

But okay, I get jokes, they could still at least be funny. Nope, not so much. It's mostly just smart alecky kid stuff. I will allow however that this attempt is perhaps a bit more slightly occasionally not unamusing than most. I might have made that barely audible nose blowing noise once.

In fact I have to admit I didn't hate this quite as much as I ought to be required by law.
I can't rate it mediocre, because it's not good and has no Lovecrafty vibe, but I was kind of okay watching it. I think it's the allure of a horror geek road trip made it seem almost fun here and there, even though only one of them was really a geek and the other two guys were mostly being irritating jackasses. If you're making a movie about a relative of Lovecraft shouldn't he be a bit classier and have a better vocabulary than "fuuuck dude!"? I'm liking it quite a lot less the more I think about it so I'm going to stop
typing now.

Also they keep loading cartridges into a blackpowder revolver. You can't do that.