Chicks at a catholic school find a book about how to raise the devil, and fight over some cutesy 90s boy-band looking guy. It's a sleazy knock-off of The Craft.

hey cool
I guess if you're some kind of perv for
jailbait nudity
but YUCK
I'm not

If movies are to be believed, in any group of teenage girls one of them will be super mean and slutty. I'll have to take their word for it since I didn't go to high school, but I'm sure it's probably true. Today's rebellious black-haired bad grrrl is constantly doing sins, like popping her top, drinking alcohol, and trying to corrupt the good brown-haired girl's good boyfriend.

This is the kind of movie that makes me glad I'm not a girl, 'cause if you're a girl there are guys out there thinking about making this sort of movie about you. It's basically someone's naughty catholic schoolgirl fetish. They have the little uniforms and everything, although a lot of the time they're not wearing them. See, their witchcraft only works if they're naked. Jesus wept.

Here's how much I like horror movies though - I've seen this thing three or four times. And no, not for that. It was just the only thing on. I had a free trial of HBO or something and hey, it was a horror movie. No netflix back then and I couldn't just go to a video store whenever I felt like it. I can't drive guys. So, I became pretty well acquainted with this horrid little film, and if you see anything enough times you'll finally like something about it. There's a scene in there someplace where one of the girls thinks she's eaten a poison plant, and I don't know why but I just loved that scene. It seemed authentic. The girl really looks worried and scared. I'm not saying you should watch it for that. Good lord don't watch this. I'm just...typing here. Oddly though I have no memory of how the movie ends. I'm getting an impression of a big rubber devil and maybe one of the nuns scaring it off with some kind of catholic bullshit.

Whenever I read any mention of this movie it's some guy harping about how the chubby girl also takes her clothes off, as if the movie has committed a foul for showing anyone naked who doesn't look like a whippet. Like I said, it must be really hard to be a girl.