It's an ultra lurid gory anthology from Mexico. Hope you're not offended by...anything.

hey cool
No sacred cows
but YUCK
Even I don't need to see engorged monster wang

So this guy takes a...and then...and afterwards he...I'm trying to warn you how the movie rolls but I don't think I'm even allowed to say any of that stuff on my own website.
Holy shit.

Should we have the whole "can movies go too far?" discussion here? No, let's not and here's why. My empty little hole under a rock in the internet isn't here to teach anyone anything. I view the universe entirely as an individual; I have no idea what's best or dangerous for society and don't concern myself with such. All I know is that I personally am not influenced to monkey do what monkey see in movies.

Doesn't mean I like everything or am even cool with everything. In fact I'm generally not a fan of the "extreme" genre of horror; I'm a vibe junkie and these movies are usually too preoccupied with trying to shock or disturb me, which they can't do anyway, that they don't take me anywhere I can trip. That said, shock value can have a value other than shock. There's an indulgent broken despair in an evening of ultra gore, darker than hell endings and taboo subject matter. Movie never flinches, never shows you anything for even a second that isn't thoroughly awful. You can watch this when you feel like shit, and I felt like shit tonight.

Evaluating this kind of movie is like trying one of those boutique hot sauces with names like "Scorpion Death March" or "The Rapture" that have grim reapers and health warnings on the label. Does it have any flavour or is it just hot? Well it's an anthology so like most anthologies it has some brilliant scenes, some lame scenes, and some so-so scenes. Unlike most anthologies however there are a whopping eight mini movies and at least a couple of them would take the paint off a car. Overall I'm going to say yeah you can actually taste the habañero in enough of these stories to make it worth the ride as long as you're not a very good person. Sorry I mean not very happy. In particular there's one surreal nightmare sequence of a man performing a traumatic resurrection ritual that really takes you to dark Mexico. Italy and Japan need to look in the rear view mirror.

I guess it could be called horror porn. By that I don't necessarily mean it's full of twisted sex (some of it is) but that we might watch it for the same reason painted black, and feel the same way afterward. That's not exactly a criticism. Sad as it is, sometimes it's all you got, you know?