It's a movie about Bruce Campbell, starring Bruce Campbell. Produced and directed by Bruce Campbell. The film is basically a parody of Bruce Campbell. The plot involves a small town kidnapping Bruce Campbell to help them kill a ghost monster. Bruce Campbell thinks it's all a movie. Humour almost ensues. Bruce Campbell!

hey cool
Bruce Campbell?
but YUCK
Horror Comedy (and Bruce Campbell)

Ah, horror comedy, that most wretched bastard child of the genre. Why they suck so hard? In making a horror comedy one is labouring against the fact that the very term is an oxymoron: jokes and gags are not horrifying, and horror is not funny. I understand that there is a level of tragic absurdity that can produce the effect of humour and horror at once in an insane clown sort of way, and it's really a trip, but most horror comedy has no ken of such artistic plateaus and will almost always fail in the horror department. So we need not bother to ask if a horror comedy is scary - it won't be - but is it funny?

In the case of My Name Is Bruce it's funny about four times. These moments of passable humour are strategically timed to occur right as you're just about fed up enough to shut the thing off, but your heart softens for a moment and you say "aw it's good 'ol Bruce, I can stand a little more". Then it's another half hour of failed schtick and you hope someone punches him right in his big loveable chin.

Also the movie's monster is a giant Chinaman.