A few inches of snow trap a group of elderly...wait that can't be right, let me double check imdb. I must have seen this; I have half a review written here from a couple years ago.

Yeah sorry I mean young friends get trapped in a mountain cabin, and it turns out it's right where the Donner party ate each other. Ghosts of the expediently cannibalised show up to interrupt the relationship problems needing to be worked out. Damn well better be ghosts, 'cause if this movie is trying to say you get cabin fever after a couple days then I must have cabin black plague by now.

hey cool
Excellent location for a horror movie
but YUCK
Wish they'd made one instead of a soap

Seriously there's only one shot in the movie where the snow is even above their ankles, but oh my god it's the snowstorm of the century. Am I being a jackass? Alright fine, it's not really a better movie if there's a ton of snow, and I can suspend a little disbelief there. It's just such a bland, forgettable movie that I can't think of anything to say so I'm going to make fun of the snow. People in New England ride their bikes through snow deeper than this!

And again with the Michael Berryman being in a movie and not hurting anyone. Sure we love the guy but I think he makes his living just selling "hey look it's Michael Berryman" these days.

And is there anything more enjoyable than listening to people fake flirt with each other in movies? Oh the snappy banter, the suggestive innuendo, the romantic crisis narrowly averted with "hey, let's start over". Just to make it pure cinematic gold let's toss around the ol' chick's pregnant and hasn't told the guy yet, 'cause that's just the sort of powerful human drama I crave when I'm watching a goddam horror movie.