Turns out the devil is a lascivious Italian guy, if that's not redundant, and the Prince Of This World is all about seeing people's naughty bits. He can even turn you into a nude just by leering at you really hard and making nude face. Seems he's abandoned all that bringing about the apocalypse business and has retired to a life of trying to catch girls and have them make out with each other, nude, for him.

Yeah we'll be making sport of the title just a wee a bit here so start liking it.

hey cool
Greatest movie title ever
but YUCK
Satanic nudity not as hot as you'd think

Just had to watch didn't you? Thought it would be sexy didn't you? Wanted to see the satanic nudes huh? Well I guess you got your wish - all the long, protracted, awkward scenes of evil nekkidity you could ever want. Bet you're sorry now, all questioning your sexuality and wishing people would just keep their clothes on. Hope you learned your lesson.

Man, this movie's kind of dirty. I mean being nude is already evil, but nude for Satan? Letting Old Scratch see you peeled? I really can't think of anything more sinful than that. And unlike a lot of these older movies with misleadingly sensational titles, this does not oversell the satanic nudity in the least. It opens with bloody, heaving satanic boobs and pretty much continues in that vein throughout. Chicks don't even bother to put clothes back on after being nudified by Satan. No point in closing your gown with the devil lurking about, it'll just come open again somehow and you'll be nude for Satan once again

Of the clothed portion of the movie there's not much to say, there being so little of it. I couldn't really tell you what it was about. Between the not sexy porn there was an overly long scene of a couple guys wandering around the devil's estate. I think one was trying to catch the other. The movie seemed disoriented and confused about what it was doing when there wasn't anything nude, for Satan.

Anyway, I don't know about you but after 80 minutes of misogynist Italian guys leering at bony naked chicks with big hairy coochies I kind of want to watch football or something
for a while.