The usual detestable twentysomethings play demonic cursed Monopoly and murder each other over who gets to be the hat or something. Okay there are these cards you draw if you land on...anywhere and they kinda rhyme about the funny ways folks will die. And if you don't die you get to make a wish, but only if you pass the game and a copy of The Ring on to someone else. And you probably want to word that wish just so 'cause the witch who comes to grant it will try to mess with you. Oh yeah there's a witch. Also you can't burn the game. Won't burn. Can't throw it away either. Stop trying to throw it away.

hey cool
Crabs pick out this one guy's eye
but YUCK
The non crab-eye-picking portion of the film

The gimmick here is that you die from what the cards say, which means the death scenes rely on you remembering the vague little rhymes you heard twenty minutes earlier, and man I had to google "horror movie cursed board game" to even remember the title of this thing.

The movie realises this about halfway through and starts reading the rhymes back to us again, so I forgot them again, which is a shame because I think they were pretty rich and I was all set to make some sort of sarcastic evil Dr Seuss joke. I'm saying you might want to write the rhymes down if you want to be all "oh my god he died in an ironically similar way to what the card said! The game is real!".

I'll try not to give away the mind blowing conclusion, but let's just say the hero guy is horrible at making wishes. If this were a Wishmaster movie he'd somehow end up with a butt growing out of his face and an alligator tail.