This movie concerns a man with a plaster head. He lives in fake West Virginia and likes to kill folks in a brand new abandoned house that he keeps absolutely immaculate.

hey cool
Boring characters - yes that's a good thing here
but YUCK
Where's the Jersey Devil New Jersey

Aaaaaand jump cut to a car full of college kids playing rock n' roll on their way to Spring break or something. Here we go again!

It's a dark, sad day when I applaud a slasher movie simply for not enraging me. I mean I could catalogue a number of significant flaws in this production, but this year I've sat through The Eves, Blood Creek (not that one - the shitty direct to video one), Hills Run Red, Pumpkin Karver, that one about the cursed board game, and a bunch of crap on the Chiller channel that I've mercifully forgotten, so at this point I'm glad to see something merely below average. If you absolutely have to see a new slasher movie you could watch this. It's not horrible. The characters are just bland instead of relentlessly loathsome. Got a couple nice kills, some dragging around by the face with barbed wire, dark ending, and Plasterhead can really wax a hardwood floor. Did you see that shine?

I think this movie was sort of trying to be hick horror in a backwoods Southern town, but I get the impression this is in fact happening in New Jersey. And while I'm no authority on regional accents of the United States, I'm wracked with doubt regarding the authenticity of the colourful yokels, certain of whom I suspect have never been south of the Mason-Dixon.