'Nother slasher from the 80s, which is so long ago now the killer could be a guy from World War 2 who's still pissed off about a dear John letter. He needs to stop the high school graduation dance or something.

hey cool
Deaths by Savini
but YUCK
More padding than a bear proof suit

Not sure why an army guy is using a pitchfork, but I'm not complaining about the kills here. All professional quality dead people by Tom Savini. We know with him in charge we'll get none of that red line across the neck crap when throats are slit. That one guy must have had a Nerf skull though; you want to stab a guy like that in the head.

In spite of a few nice kills I found myself sort of watching the clock here. Seems like most of the movie is just going for suspense, which is another word for padding as far as I'm concerned. Interminably long scenes of people just looking around, almost finding the bodies but turning away at the last second, trying to open a stubborn coffin lid, checking on final girl when she screams after she maybe saw something, back to try the lid again, it sure is heavy... There's even a whole long scene of the deputy waiting for someone to fetch the sheriff to the phone. Normally I think watching a guy tap a pencil with a phone to his ear is pure movie magic, but somehow it didn't work for me here.

In between the nothing happening there are millions of fake jump scares, when the girl bumps into...THE KILLER! No wait it's her boyfriend. KILLER! Naw boyfriend again. You'd think people would quit grabbing her when she's walking backward toward them looking the wrong way.

If you hang in there though there's entertaining weirdness at the end. Instead of deputy boyfriend saving the day it's that ugly peeper guy, after which he and final girl apparently fall in love for a minute as they gaze into each others eyes. And they still haven't found those bodies in the shower, so she goes to wash this movie off with the everything's okay soft flute music playing and holy shit Mr Savini left some stuff in there.

So eh. Still better than the crap slashers they make nowadays.