A squad of Korean soldiers in Vietnam - yeah they were in Vietnam - are sent to the mysterious R-Point to investigate radio signals being recieved from a missing unit. They find what everybody always finds when they go to weird places or derelict vessels looking for
lost teams.


hey cool
Vietnam war horror movie
but YUCK
Very little war

I don't know what the Korean is for "asshole" but man do they like that word.

I'm starved for war horror so of course I had to watch this and will probably watch it a few more times before I board that last train, but unfortunately like most war horror it doesn't much feel like there's a war going on and mostly just decorates the story with military trappings. It's pretty much the same movie if they're Mounties or something.

But it's not bad and lip service is better than nothing I guess. For the most part what we have here is a typical competently done Asian angry ghosts movie, complete with skinny long-haired ghost girl and people being possessed and going mad and getting radio calls from beyond and seeing things that aren't there when they look back and maybe one guy was a ghost the whole time. It's an acceptable watch if you like that sort of thing with a lot of soldier stereotypes calling each other assholes.