There's contagion in the trees, and a group of environmentlaists, loggers and evil corporate types must battle tree-sap zombies and each other in order to survive. Each other? Aw it's one of those.

hey cool
Zombies in the woods
but YUCK
Bickering humans in the woods

Know what else sucks about the motion pictures of today? The titles. It's like toss a dart at a list of random descriptive terms for injury, death or scaryness. Let's just skim the Netflix insta-watch here. Very first row: Infected, Extinction, Emergency, Killer Mountain, Hansel and Gretel Get Baked. Hey that one sounds kind of weird, let's just...add that. I'm sure it'll be good. Anyway I have no idea what the title of this show is referring to and I think there are even multiple movies called that. I guess something must have been severed at some point in the movie, but by that logic it could as easily have been called Shot, Run Over, or Logs Fell On.

Today's zombies are of the slow variety (Zombicus romero), but they do spazz a lot and move like they've been funded by the Ministry of Funny Walks. That's fine. The zombies are all right. The good 'ol undead rarely let me down; once again it's the nondead who offend.

I reckon it was meant to be interesting or thought-provoking to have antagonists trapped together, but all it amounts to is that the characters have to stop and holler at each other about forestry management every few minutes. To make it worse they threw in a corporate Paul Reiser from Aliens guy for everyone to hate, and made him such a limp wristed cowardly wuss that it somehow pissed me off. I mean literally limp wristed - actual flailing limp wrists like he's doing an SNL gay parody or something. He assumes the fetal position at the first sign of danger and gets lines like "it won't go!" when his gun jams. This is how they vilify the character and it smacks of the sort of machismo bullshit that's all the rage these days. I mean I've got light beer commercials telling me to "man up" for not drinking their brand of fizzy dishwater. Where have all the 70s gone? Long time passing.

And finally the movie grounds out weakly to short by overshadowing the zombies with human bad guys. Mere seconds after the zombie outbreak one group of loggers have already set up a savage post-apocalyptic compound with a sadistic boss guy in charge who terrorises everyone, so we get a chintzy ripoff of Day Of The Dead for half the movie. The boss guy does a pretty good job as a giant asshole bully, but I signed on for zombie movie not giant asshole movie.

Throw in a romantic subplot and there goes another 90 minutes you could have spent following your dreams, or in my case three and a half hours because it came on again on the Chiller channel and I was too lazy to shut it off. I have no recollection of the ending despite having seen this thing twice. I hope the zombies won.