Full Moon Entertainment teaches us right from wrong as a dwarf sideshow owner hands down draconian judgements upon a group of mostly harmless teenagers.

hey cool
It's a Full Moon carnival
but YUCK
Jeez, kind of heavy handed

So you're a girl who's like three pounds overweight and wish you were a bit slimmer? Fine! Zap! Now you have a perfect figure! AND NO FACE! You got what you wanted you vain bitch! And what's that? You don't like greasy teenage boys touching you? Okay! Poof! Now you're six inches tall! Guess you got your wish!

I'm saying the movie doesn't have the poetic justice thing quite worked out. Even Mr D or an evil leprechaun would find these transactions to be in violation of ironic wish granting standards.

Wow this must be a Full Moon movie if I'm actually complaining about what happens to a bunch of teenagers. There's just something about Full Moon characters. This is the only time in history that I've failed to hate teens enough to be cackling at their horrible fates. I even think they got kind of a raw deal here. Yeah there was that one sort of jackass guy, but even he was like Ghandi compared to the usual movie asshole, and the poetic irony of him being turned into a half bird thing that lays on the ground whimpering is utterly lost on me.

But hey, it's not like I'm shedding any tears here either. It's kind of a fun short little movie - no pun intended to the great Phil Fondacaro who hits it out of the park as the sideshow owner. It's got a little carnival vibe, a little Full Moon weirdness, we get to see Brinke Stephens for a minute, and like most Full Moon movies it ends before we get too awfully sick of it.