From the blurb: "A team of commandos battle an evil Native American spirit who murdered his tribe 400 years ago". Can you spot the red flag there? It's "commandos". I generally don't want too many commandos in my movies about Native American legends.

hey cool
Lots of blood and dead people
but YUCK
Skeleton Man

The commandos in question are a team from "Delta Force", which includes a number of fresh from the salon models in tank tops. It's a real military unit, known for its rigorous selection process which requires applicants to fill at least a C-cup and have completed no less than two years of beauty school. Even then only three out of a hundred have the hot curler skills to make the cut. The team are killed off one by one by a gentleman who is apparently on his way to a costume party, and that's pretty much your movie. Plot exposition consists of a five minute scene where they come upon a very white looking old Indian who has a brief flashback of some other white Indians being murdered. I think maybe this tribe intermarried with the vikings or something, and I'll bet they didn't even use every part of the buffalo. Anyway somehow that resulted in today's invincible superghost named "Cottonmouth Joe". He doesn't really seem like a Cottonmouth Joe to me though; I'd have called him Rubbermask Rick.

The whole movie seems like something a nine year old might have played after seeing Predator, as the dialogue is of the sort I used to make my toy soldiers talk in the sandbox. "How can we fight what we can't see!" they exclaim, but sadly ol' Joe is all too visible. When your monster is just a guy in a trick-or-treat skull mask and cape you might not want to show it off quite so much.

I have additional sarcasm regarding the likelihood of a Native American spirit wearing a grim reaper costume. Even Death Curse of Tartu knew that if you're putting an Indian ghost in a movie you at least stick some feathers and stuff on him. And instead of a lumberjack axe, maybe, I don't know, a tomahawk?

I'll say one thing for the movie though, it certainly didn't oversell the violent content. As Dr Seuss would say, from there to here, from here to there, bloody kills are everywhere. Four actors are dead during the opening credits, and when he gets low on commandos he goes after fishermen, poachers and the entire staff of a chemical lab that appears out of nowhere in the middle of the woods. He even shoots down a helicopter with a bow and arrow. Being indestructible I guess Skeleton Man will eventually kill every living thing on Earth.