A Dutch girl is grieving over the sudden, bloody, feiry, explosive death of her dad - man there was barely enough of that guy left to bury - who was working on a book about a serial killer from the 1800s. So the girl and her young friends take a guided tour of this mine shaft where the killer was put to death, to see what the book was all about? But legend has it the killer's ghost escaped from Hell and still lurks down there. Sure looks that way when they start getting trapped and murdered, but luckily the girl brought her ouija board - on a mine tour - so maybe her dead, horribly incinerated and exploded dad can save the day with cryptic messages from the grave.

hey cool
Well it's foreign, so it seems better
but YUCK
Apparently filmed during a massive earthquake

The movie's real title is SL8N8, which I believe is a pun in the Dutch language. I like to watch horror movies from other weird heathen countries to expand my horizons and experience their rich cultures and such, but unfortunately all I learned about the Dutch from this film is that they share the rest of the world's addiction to making me wait more than FIFTY MINUTES before harming any of their precious twentysomethings. Ever stop to realise that the actual slasher portion of these things is usually shorter than a TV sitcom?

To make matters worse the cameraman seems to have a seizure whenever any action breaks out. I'm not talking handheld shakycam here, I mean the real movie camera is being shaken back and forth like a chew toy at the slightest sudden movement in the shot. This is becoming a bad trend, like the horror movie equivalent of Auto-Tune. I'm almost expecting it now along with the action muzak. Sure sometimes camera movement can be effective but we're talking whole extended scenes here, even distant shots, where the camera wouldn't quit it. You know, I have a video camera and a clothes dryer... gettin' an idea for a movie here.

All that said, you could do a hell of a lot worse in a 21st Century slasher flick. The opening scene in the 1800s with musket-wielding mustachioed constables was different, and the obligatory jackass and slutty bitch were a good deal less annoying than usual since I couldn't understand what they were saying {pro tip: don't read the subtitles when people you hate are talking}. Also one guy gets decapitated and hanged at the same time. I think. Hard to tell for sure as the camera was frantically shaking its head "no no no!".