No not giant slugs, REGULAR SLUGS terrorise a town by coming up the plumbing to bite people. Yes bite. Minor county officials gotta stop 'em but the greedy mayor won't shut off the water supply. So it's just like Jaws. Luckily a high school science lab contains enough explosive poisonous chemicals to fill a tanker truck. Will they blow up the town in time?

hey cool
Lots of faces eaten off.
but YUCK
Slugs are small. And slow.

You scoff? Let me tell you, I once lived where there were slugs bigger than the ones in this movie. Slime green monsters longer than a hot dog, with weird blowholes and stuff. You'd turn over a board and there'd be like a dozen of them, oozing around trying to bite you.

A slug can kill a man. One slug. Just like in today's movie, one can get inside your glove, forcing you to to hack your own hand off with a hatchet and thrash about until a heavy shelf falls on you and you knock over a bunch of poison. And fire. And a can of petrol. And if you fail to notice meatball sized chunks of dead slug in your salad, slug flukes will dissolve your head in seconds.

And you'll come for the slugs but you'll stay for the married couple sexual innuendo. Oooh baby, I think you want your dessert before you go into the sewer with a bag of meat to lure the slugs to the place where you're going to pour flaming acid on them.

What else. Orchestras in Spain sure like it when people drive their cars at safe speeds through the suburbs. When you're filming that in a movie you have to be careful or their brass sections will show up all excited and wreck the shot with blaring horns.

The town is saved!